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Search & Rescue 08 Fishermen

Search and Rescue 08 Fishermen

Please be informed that at 1400 hrs on 14 September 2021, vessel was directed by Indian Coast Guard for search and rescue of fishing boat "Jay Shivshakti" which is in distress due to engine failure and water ingress.

Please find below the summary of events relating to SAR operation carried out on 14 September 2021.

  • • 1400 - Received call from Indian Coast Guard SAR Air Craft on VHF ch 16/06 regarding a blue colour fishing boat "Jay Shivshakti" in distress in position 20° 02' N 072° 02' E. Coastguard SAR AIR CRAFT instructed us to proceed and rescue 08 number of fishermen from fishing boat " Jay Shivshakti", which is in distress.
  • • 1401-Vessel altered course towards distressed fishing boat position.
  • • 1435- Coastguard called on VHF to confirm if fishing boat in sight or not. Vessel replied that fishing boat not yet in sight.
  • • 1440- Informed to Capt. Brijendra Singh,Capt. Naresh Nirvan and Mr Anush krisnamurthy (Port Capt Jafarabad).
  • • 1443- Informed DPA Sir and Mr. Amit Bisht.
  • • 1535 - Coastguard called on VHF, asked out INMARSAT C Number. We have given vessel INMARSAT C Number to Coast Guard. Vessel reported our distance from fishing boat is 1 NM.
  • • 1547 - Coastguard informed us that we have to rescue 08 person from boat.
  • • 1555-Vessel arrived near fishing boat's location and made first approach to distress, few people sighted on fishing boat deck.
  • • 1556 - Received email over SAT-C from MRCC MUMBAI asked either our satellite phone number, we informed Coast Guard on VHF that we don't have satellite phone and we have Sat C message system and we are not in mobile network coverage area. We have already given mobile numbers of Capt Brijendra Singh sir and Capt Naresh Nirwan sir number to Coast Guard and we have told Coast Guard to inform them that Surya 3 is engaged in SAR operation.
  • • 1620-Fishing vessel's crew not ready to abandon their boat. We informed the Indian Coast Guard on VHF Ch 16/06.
  • • 1630- ICG told us to convince them to leave the boat because the fishing boat's owner Mr.Shanti Bhai is telling that fishermen can leave the boat.
  • • 1725- Vessel made second approached to fishing boat and convince them to leave the boat as directed by Coast Guard and the fishermen agreed.
  • • 1735- Vessel made fast ropes of boat on port quarter. Rescued all crew 08 fishermen safely. All fishermen are safely taken onboard.
  • • 1745-Provided refreshment to all survivors.
  • • 1808- Indian Coast Guard Vessel CG233 called us and told to remain in same area as she is approaching to us. SAR Air Craft told us that Air Craft is returning to Coast Guard base.
  • • 1821-Coast Guard Vessel CG233 reached near us and taken details of fishing vessel and her 08 fishermen.
  • • 1822 - We have informed Coast Guard Vessel that 2 ropes of fishing boat parted and 2 remain due to
  • • 1836- CG 233 instructed us to proceed to Jafarabad with all 08 survivors (Because all fishermen are belonging to Jafaradbad) and cast off the boat after Coast Guard taken approval from Coast Guard headquarters. Contact Numbers were exchanged with Coast Guard Vessel CG 233.
  • • 1540- Provided cabin and wash room for all survivor’s overnight stay onboard.
  • • 1842- Coastguard Vessel asked Sat C number. We have given the sat C Number to Coast Guard.
  • • 1846- Fishing boat was cast off from our Vessel in posn 20° 06.517' h', 072° 06.232' E as per Coastguard's instruction.
  • • 1847- Reported to CG 233 regarding fishing boat cast off and Vessel is proceesind to Jafarabad, Coast Guard told us to proceed to Jafarabad.
  • • 1924-Informed ETA Jafarabad to Company and Charterer via SAT and Coastguard.
  • • 1930-Provided dinner to all survivors.
  • • 2000-Provided sufficient bedding, blankets etc. for all survivors to take rest.